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Pestco has been one the innovating companies in the area of organic structural pest  management. We have worked and volunteered our services in the organic certification community since 1981--longer than any other professional pest management company.

Our involvement began though our affiliation with Eden Foods, of Clinton Michigan. Eden is one of the founding companies of the organic foods movement. They have always worked very closely with organic farmers, in an effort to create the highest standards for the production of organic food products. It is our humble opinion that Eden's commitment to organic farmers and consumers remains unmatched by any other organic food company to this day.

Eden's concern was simple. After working so hard with farmers to produce the highest quality organic food, they didn't want to take any chances on compromising the organic integrity of their products in the storage, processing or packaging of those products. Eden challenged us to develop an organic management scheme that would protect these precious products while in there processing facilities.

As a positive outgrowth of this unique partnership with Eden Foods, Pestco has continued to take this information out into the organic certification community. Company principle L. Ernest Otter, III has worked in the organic certification industry for many years:

1990--Organic Crop Improvement Associations (OCIA) International Standards Committee (Chair 1992-1999).

1991--Founding member of the Independent Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA), and continues to assist this organization in various training capacities.

1992--Technical member for the Farm Verified Organic (FVO) certification committee.

1996--Presented the first scientific paper on organic structural pest management to the 13th International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) Scientific Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

1998--Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) advisory council members and Processing Review Committee.

1999--Appointed to the Michigan Department of Agriculture's (MDA) Organic Advisory Committee.

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