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Welcome to the Pestco-FPS Home Page. This page has been developed to provide background information on our company, services, products and resources.

Pestco is a structural pest management company located in southeastern Michigan. We specialize in strcutural   pest management for  sensitive situations. We cater to individuals and organizations who have special needs for pest management or concerns about the use of pesticides--while requiring highly effective management strategies. Our emphasis is on Organic and Bio-rational Pest Management.

Our services include:IPM4.gif (1568 bytes)

We established the first formal Certified Organic Structural Pest Management program. We work internationally in the organic foods movement and have numerous case studies which show that pesticides are only a minor part of effective pest management. Our programs are highly structured and custom designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.

dryp2.gif (1549 bytes)We also provide resources to homeowners on our site--check out Pestco for information on what might be bugging you around the house!  You can live without pests--and pesticides--in your home, but it requires that you understand What's Bugging You!

Check-out our National Award winning guide Don't Recycle Your Pests! Coming soon in Adobe Portable Document (.pdf) format.

Food Protection Systems (FPS) is a consulting group that specializes in the development of food safety support programs and organic handling plans for food processing and handling establishments. We work directly with our clients and assist/facilitate the development of Food Safety Programs and Organic Handling Plans.

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